Group Fitness Classes

Advantages of Group Exercise

"You receive more than physical benefits during a group exercise"

These blocks of time offer social inclusion opportunities, physical benefits and psychological support.

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Private Training

Take Charge of Your Program.


There is probably not someone that would not benefit from a well-designed, well executed personal training program.

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Online Training


We've got you!!!!

Exercise videos are some of the most popular fitness instruments around. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or pc and an internet connection.

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Fitness Products

We offer fitness products!

Be it supplements or apparel.

Get the right fitness products to supplement your diet. Get brand new RDF Apparel to compliment your Brand new look!

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Our advantages

Attention in a group class.

We pay attention to everyone in the class.

Dont know how to start?

We teach you everything you need to know.

We Make fitness fun.

We work out hard while keeping it interesting and enjoyable.


I started working out with Duquaine Brooks in 2013. I was exercising but saw no results; when he invited me to a free work out session I gladly accepted. At the beginning I struggled; high intensity workouts are challenging; “no breaks here”. With Duquaine it’s not only about exercising but also eating healthy. He challenged us to eat right by giving us meal plans and requiring us to talk to our group about our meals. I didn’t want to be the odd one out so healthy eating became a way of life for me. I started seeing results at the end of month three. I dropped two dress sizes and I am no longer asked, “Are you pregnant?.

Duquaine motivates, challenges and advises his clients on how to achieve their weight loss goals. He has helped me to discover the athlete in me!