My name is kyra carty, I am 36 years old. I have been battling weight loss since I had my 2 children. I weighed 252lbs. my goal was to lose 80 pounds. Wow! It seemed unattainable at first, could I really do that? Not on my own. I decided to join Results Driven Fitness Centre on January 2015, where I got a meal plan and did intense fitness classes four times a week with my instructor Duquaine Brooks. He is very motivating and pays attention to everyone in the class. He called my name a lot but it was all worth it. I am 30 pounds lighter and still losing. I feel like a new woman.


“High Intensity!” “No Breaks!” “More Reps!” These are some of the catchphrases you will pick up easily at Results Driven Fitness Centre. It’s not an aerobics class by any means, but a high intensity interval training session that will leave you sore, sweaty, out of breath but closer to optimal health. Duquaine is clearly very passionate about health and fitness, as can be evidenced by his dedication to staying in shape and his eagerness to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. He definitely will keep you on your toes, as no two classes are exactly the same. He’s also a constant source of encouragement and he continually challenges you to push past what you think is your limit. I’ve been part of the RDFC family from the first class, and I can truly say his training sessions have worked for me. I’ve lost some weight, I feel more limber and my energy has improved quite a lot. If you’re wanting to get more active RDFC is a great start – try it today!


Training with Duquaine Brooks has been the best experience I've had exercising to date. He is an excellent trainer who pushes his clients to not only reach their weight goals, but develop a healthy lifestyle. His personalized diet plans and rigorous, high intensity exercise routines helped me regain my strength and stay on track with my fitness goals. I had a great time training at Results Driven Fitness Centre and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer.


I have been a member of Results Driven Fitness Centre (RDFC) since its inception. Until I joined RDFC I had never used a gym. My personal exercise routine only included walking, but after a while walking can prove insufficeint for obtaining optimal results. Going to the gym adds to my me time and has become an integral part of my lifestyle and investment in my total well being. Since I have been working out I have increased my physical strength and boosted my self confidence. My clothes size has decreased and my waist has shrunk.

Our trainer Duquaine keeps us motivated and in tune. Duquaine cares very much about his clients and encourages us in every way he can as he is results driven. The facility is perfect and the varied schedule makes it a right fit for a busy schedule. RDFC comes highly recommended.

As Duquaine would say at the end of every session “That’s a Wrap Guys”..