Our vision

At Results Driven Fitness Centre customer satisfaction through top class fitness is our primary objective.

Our Vision is to be the premier health and fitness facility on Anguilla, committed to providing innovative programmes and the highest quality services that result in measurable and transformational changes in the lives of our clients.

Mission Statement

Results Driven Fitness Centre is a locally owned organization inspired by passion for fitness

Our mission is to provide an exceptional member experience in collaboration with unrivaled training facilities and programmes in order to promote physical wellness activities that motivate, inspire and advance the health and fitness of our clients and strengthen our local communities.

Get Great Results

Physical Fitness is essential to living a long and healthy life. THAT IS RESULTS!

Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. It can even help you live longer. Research from the several health institutions indicate that regular exercise can add years to your life.

Our advantages

Dont know how to start?

We teach you everything you need to know.

Classes focused on results.

Classes designed using the most effective training methods to maximize results.

Attention in a group class.

We pay attention to everyone in the class.

Special Promotion

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I have been a member of Results Driven Fitness Centre (RDFC) since its inception. Until I joined RDFC I had never used a gym. My personal exercise routine only included walking, but after a while walking can prove insufficeint for obtaining optimal results. Going to the gym adds to my me time and has become an integral part of my lifestyle and investment in my total well being. Since I have been working out I have increased my physical strength and boosted my self confidence. My clothes size has decreased and my waist has shrunk.

Our trainer Duquaine keeps us motivated and in tune. Duquaine cares very much about his clients and encourages us in every way he can as he is results driven. The facility is perfect and the varied schedule makes it a right fit for a busy schedule. RDFC comes highly recommended.

As Duquaine would say at the end of every session “That’s a Wrap Guys”..